Why Should YOU Learn Magic?

Why Should YOU Learn Magic?

Here are my personal opinions about why should YOU learn Magic. 

  • Bring the Joy of Magic to your Friends and Family.

Being able to perform for your family and friends is a very rewarding experience. To be honest, my very first audiences are my family and friends. I still remember vividly that after practicing, I would perform a quick Magic effect for them and see how they react. To see amazement on their faces is just Priceless for me. Yes. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail. Always reflect on why you failed. What mistakes you made, how can you eliminate those mistakes and make it better the next time.

  • Builds Confidence.

Performing Magic Builds Confidences and develops Public Speaking Skills. When you perform for an audience, you have to be confident when presenting the effect, remember what to say when performing and making sure that you are engaged with your audiences, maintaining eye contact etc (thats where all the practice will do you good) Being able to speak in front of 10, 100 or even 1000 audiences takes a lot of Confidence. Imagine this, being able to speak to people with confidence is going to land you that job in an interview! Start slow, build that confidence!

  • Develop Good Motor Skills 

Developing manual dexterity is another thing that children and adults can benefit from learning Magic. Just like any skill, piano, violin, cycling etc Learning Magic involves a lot of practice with the hands and fingers. The more you do it, the more dexterity you gain. even if you don't pursue advanced Magic techniques, all these skills that you learn will still be beneficial in the long run. 

  • Enhance Creativity

Once you master the Foundations of Magic, you will inevitably come up with your own Magic Effects. Creating your own Magic does not just keep it fresh for the audience, but also makes you different and unique as a Magician! Remember, Magic as an Art form has unlimited possibilities!


Imagine having the ability to lighten up a boring party and be the star! Even better, get the host to do something special and let HIM/HER be the STAR! Magic is Fun as much it is Entertaining, learning these secrets will open up your mind to more than just Magic itself. The thought process of how this Magician comes up with the method can be quite mind blowing sometimes! Trust me, you will enjoy all the FUN when learning Magic!

  • For the LOVE of ART.

Magic, like music, dance and art, defies all language barriers and cultures when performed. Magic is something special because Magic gets people to have that "Child Like Wonder" whether you are 1 or 100!

I will add more points for you to think about as we go along! Let me know in the comments if you have more points to add and share with the class! Thank you!

Jeremy Tan