My Thoughts on Magic

Magic, as many of us know is "The Oldest Art Form"

Magic, like many other forms of Art requires the same amount of research, dedication and discipline as compared to music, acting, dance, paintings and sculptures.

So why is Magic not considered an Art Form here? 


I believe that skepticism is hindering this fine art, as it sways the audience's attention away from the wonders of magic and the presentation of illusion as an art form to just mere trickery and deceit. 

When performed with the intent to entertain, performance magic becomes an art of illusion, tying in scientific principles and psychology with artistic presentation and choreography.

The meaning of Magicians, "Actors, playing a role of a Magician."

If the art of magic is to continue, performers must make it clear that they are entertainers and nothing more. Not someone that claims to have supernatural powers, using this fine art as a tool for deception or monetary gains.

When experiencing magic, viewers should understand that these illusions are not purely intended to deceive, but are orchestrated tools to convey a story in an impossible manner for entertainment and wonder.

Real magic takes many forms. Science, technology and even the unexplained and paranormal are sources for everyday awe. They often play a major role in performance magic and illusion, and while seemingly impossible in their own right, they too have their true processes hidden within nature’s abundant wonders.

Lastly, it breaks my heart to see poorly performed Magic being exposed on social media. No proper coaching and teachings, merely used for "likes & views" I could easily just publish this whole course on there, but it goes against my morales. Like I said, I live & breathe Magic. I want YOU to have the best. Thank you for reading thus far, More courses are on the way!